7 Beaches In India To Flaunt Your Lingerie

7 Beaches In India To Flaunt Your Lingerie

Are you also a sun, sand and sea lover? Well, to make this combination ever better for you, we have a list of few beaches in India where you could wear our lingerie as bikini. Yes, you heard and read that right, our lingerie can be worn as bikini on the beaches. Wondering how is that possible? Well, read on to know more!

How is that possible?

The main reason how Intimate Nation has made it possible for you to wear your favourite lingerie on the beach is because of the fabric; Intimate Nation uses recycled polyester organic cotton lycra along with organic cotton lycra. Both these fabric are antimicrobial and polyester fabric further has an ability to dry quickly.

What is anti-microbial fabric?

Anti-microbial fabric are fabrics in which anti-microbial agents have been applied either on the surface or incorporated into the fibres. This makes it impossible for the fabric to stay clean for a longer period of time, keeps the product smelling fresh, gives it a longer product life and reduces its number of washes.

Anti-microbial fabric on the beach

The polyester used to make your lingerie with its ability to dry quickly would help your garments to not stay wet for too long. Also, since the fabrics in the lingerie are anti-microbial in nature, they would not let any micro-organisms stay on the fabric and thus would prevent any kind of smell on the garment. Your lingerie would continue to remain and smell fresh even if it gets wet in the water or get dirty in the sand.

Beaches in India

  1. Auroville Beach, Pondicherry

The beautiful sunset, sun kissed shore and clear water makes Auroville beach on of the most famous beaches. This beach is also known for its beautiful seashells and one never comes back without collecting a few seashells from this beach.

  1. Minicoy Beach, Lakshwadeep Islands

One of the most popular beaches in Lakshwadeep Islands, the Minicoy beach is a treat to the eyes. With its large stretch of mangroves, a lighthouse that is 300 ft. tall and the sound of the crashing of the waves and breeze blowing through the palm trees, nature here is serene and undisturbed.

  1. Radhanagar Beach, Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Ranked as the best beach in India and 7th best beach world in the world by the Time Magazine, Radhanagar beach is one of the best beaches in India. Sparkling white sand, lush green palm vegetation and turquoise water, this beach is a must visit. One can surely unwind and enjoy nature’s beauty at its best.

  1. Kovalam Beach, Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala

Kovalam beach is known for its crescent shaped golden sands. There are three beaches in this area which are separated by rocks. Out of these three, the lighthouse beach is considered to be one of the most romantic beaches in India and also referred to as the “paradise of the south”.

  1. Goa

There isn’t any one beach which one can recommend in Goa since all of them are so beautiful and have their own distinctive charm and uniqueness. Although some of the best beaches in Goa where one must visit are Baga Beach, Calangute Beach, Vagator Beach, and Candolim Beach. This place surely is beach blast at its best!

  1. Fisherman’s Cove, Chennai

A luxury beach resort and a beautiful destination near the coast of Bay of Bengal in Chennai is Fisherman’s cove. Located on the Covelong Beach and only 32 kilometres away from Chennai, this beach resort is a must visit.

  1. Gokarna, Karnataka

Little away from Goa, Gokarna in Karnataka is famous for its beautiful beaches. This city allows you to enjoy your day basking in the sun. Om beach, Half-Moon beach and Paradise beach are the must visit beaches here.

Take a break from your routine life and pay a visit to one of these beautiful beaches in India and flaunt your most favourite and comfortable lingerie.

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