The A, B, C & D Of Lingerie


The A B C D Of Lingerie

Every bra is composed of two elements; the band size and the bust size. Often, we women get confused understanding bra sizes and have preconceived notions about them. Thus to clear the confusion, we are here to make the mix of numbers and letters seem easy and understandable for every woman in the world.

What is the band size?

The band size refers to the size of the rib cage. This is measured by using an inch tape and wrapping it around your ribs area. Remember that a band size is always an even number.

How to measure the band size?

Stand in front of a mirror wearing your most comfortable non-padded bra. Using a measuring tape, wrap it around your ribs right where your cups end. Be careful at this step as the measuring tape should be touching your skin and not get twisted from any side. Once you are done the measuring, add 4 to the number of inches you’ve got. For example, if your measurement is 32, your band size is 36.

What if you get an odd number?

While measuring, if you get an odd number like 31 or 33.5, you simply need to round it off to the next even number. For example, 31 becomes 32 and 33.5 becomes 34.

Is there a day/time to measure the band size?

Yes, there is! On certain days we feel bloated and thus measuring on these days would give us the wrong size. Choose a day when you are feeling relatively “normal” to measure yourself.

What is the bust size?

The bust size is measured alphabetically and it is the size of the breast in relation to the rib cage. This is measured using an inch tape around your bust area Remember that the bust size does NOT have to be an even number; it only needs to be a whole number.

How to measure the bust size?

Standing in front of the mirror, put the measuring tape around your boobs where they are the fullest i.e. at your nipples. Using the same precautions which we used while measuring the band size, make sure your measurement is accurate.

What if you get an odd number?

The bust size does not have to be an even/odd number. It only needs to be a whole number. For instance, if you get 32.5 as your bust size, round it off to 33.

So, what’s the final bra size?

To find out your exact bra size, a little bit of maths needs to be done. First, subtract and take out the difference between your band size and your bust size. For example, if your band size is 34 and your bust size is 33, the difference between the two is 1 inch and that makes your cup size ‘A’. Thus, your final bra size is 34 A.

If the difference between the two is 2 inches, your cup size becomes ‘B’, 3 inches becomes a ‘C’ and 4 inches becomes a ‘D’.

How to check if the bra fits perfectly?

  1. Check if your breasts are completely in the cups. Bend forward and check the same.
  2. The band needs to be well adjusted well, i.e. the back of the bra and the front of the bra should be in the same level.
  3. Your straps should not be falling.
  4. If while wearing a tight shirt, the cups pucker or the breasts bulge, the bra size is wrong.
  5. Stand sideways in front of the mirror and check whether your breasts are midway between your shoulders and elbows. They should not be sagging down.
  6. It should fit you perfectly when secured on the last hook.

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