Why Is A Non-Wired Bra A Better Option Over A Wired Bra?

Non-Wired Bra

Wired Bra?

There has been a constant battle between wired and non-wired bras about which one is a better option. Well, though it is a personal choice and depends completely on an individual’s comfort level, we have a few reasons on why a non-wired bra is a better choice over a wired bra.First, let us understand the difference between a wired and a non-wired bra. A wired bra has a built in semicircle wire underneath each of the cups. On the other hand, non-wired bras are those which have been made without any wire under the cups.

There is an assumption that only women with smaller busts can wear a non-wired bra and those with a larger breast size must wear an underwired bra to get a good support. However, none of these assumptions are true as there is never a hard and fast rule for the same.

A wired bra because of the wires present under the cups usually gets uncomfortable and most women complain about feeling restricted in the same whereas a non-wired bra focusses on comfort and provides the required support and lift a woman needs.

A non-wired bra is gentle and soft on the skin and because there has been a detailed research on the fabric and fit given by Intimate Nation to a non-wired bra, they break the pre conceived notion that non-wired bras cannot provide the right amount of support.

Another reason why a wired bra is not a good option to choose from is because it can affect our health too. Haven’t we all seen marks left by the hard wires pressing into our skin? Chaffing caused by an underwire bra is not only a source of annoyance and discomfort all day but can also increase the chances of skin infections because our skin is constantly irritated. Skin infections take place when the naturally occurring microbes on the surface of our skin (which usually are of no threat) get irritated when the skin is constantly chaffed. The chaffing causes the bacteria and fungus to enter our skin and develop into an infection. Further, the sweat and moisture under our boobs provide the perfect condition for these bacteria’s to live!

Further, very often under wired bras start to give us an itch under our boobs. Since the wires are usually made out of low quality metals such as nickel, it can react with our sweat and make us schedule a visit to our dermatologist. A common problem called, “contact dermatitis” is diagnosed which often requires a number of creams and ointments to be applied.

Underwired bras because of their tight rigid fitting decreases the movement of the rib and the midriff area which can decrease the efficiency of our heart and lungs and thus you would often find yourself getting tired too soon while wearing an underwired bra.

For larger cup sized women, underwired bras can cause neck and back pain as both these areas of the body work harder in order to compensate the lack of structure provided by the bra. Sometimes, they are also a cause of headaches since the neck and back muscles are working more to support your breasts. The symptom of this kind of headache involves pain on one side of the head that originates from the neck and travels upwards either to the front of the head or behind the eyes.

For lactating women too, underwired bras are a big no! Underwired bras can impair the flow of milk and cause blocked milk ducts. Thus, giving you a lot of problem and pain during breast feeding.

Thus, it is time to move from an unwired bra to a non-wired bra and keep our focus on our natural beauty, comfort and health. Intimate Nation with their collection of non-wired bras promises to provide you with beautiful colours and prints to enhance your natural beauty while keeping your health as the prime focus.



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